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Each bottle of Steamer Basin is unfiltered and true to the traditional methods of making beer – enhancing the pure qualities of New Zealand malt and hops. All our ales are hand made, small batch, and full of natural flavour.

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Inspired by Dunedin’s heritage, we make beer using traditional brewing methods. All our ales are re-fermented in the bottle. As each one ages, the flavour gets better and more complex.

How does it work? Like Belgium beers brewed by Trappist monks, we add fresh yeast just before bottling. We then leave the yeast to naturally carbonate the beer and settle at the bottom of the bottle. This is almost the same way champagne is made. The only difference is that while champagne makers remove the sediment, we preserve it. This gives our ales their natural cloudiness and distinctive taste.

Our ales are ready to drink once the natural carbonation is complete. Bottle conditioning preserves all the flavour, so they stay fresher, longer. Brewed in small batches, each one is truly worth savoring.

Flagship Blond Ale / Lumpers Wheat Ale / Mud-edin Brown Ale

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